Ascend the roofs of the city and journey to the top of the highest tower, where you may even discover something about yourself.

Chronescher is a challenging isometric puzzle game. Set in an escherpunk world consisting of six unique biomes. It requires you to learn time- space- and mindbending mechanics in order to puzzle your way forward. As you progress further you will untangle who you are playing and what happend to them.

Master Time and Space: Learn to place portals and return to them at a whim. Take a snapshot of the level and restore it to this saved state at a later point - without moving yourself. Change your perspective in order to unveil new paths and hidden passages. The most difficult puzzles will require you to combine all these abilities and reach places that seem almost impossible to get to.

  • Map view, showing which levels have been solved
  • Level in the overgrowth biome
  • Another level in the overgrowth biome
  • Level in the docks biome
  • Another level in the docks biome
  • Level in the nightsky biome, including a pushable block
  • Another level in the nightsky biome, including a pushable block
  • Level in the uptown biome
  • Another level in the uptown biome
  • Level in the tutorial biome
  • Level in the timber biome