Comfort Zone

You were persuaded to go to Rosie’s party, despite not really feeling up to it. Find the friends you came to meet. Have fun exploring the party, while paying attention to your personal space and what happens around you on the ever-filling party to keep your stress-level low.


  • a house party with a large, interactive, self-governed party crowd
  • different story outcomes depending on your choices
  • several achievements
  • more than 10 minutes of recorded audio
  • hand-crafted 2D assets – a.k.a. millions of pixels in different colors 🙂
  • some animals and a cake
  • background: 2D living room with 2 people from a top-view perspective. Foreground: Interaction promp, allowing the player to open a birdcage or leave it closed.
  • Endscreen displaying possible and achieved endings and achievements.