• Developer: Purple Sloth Studio e.G.
  • Release Date: 31.08.2022
  • Platforms:
    • itch.io, Steam (Win, Linux, Mac)
    • Google Play (Android)
    • App Store (iOS)
  • Website: purplesloth.studio

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Presskit: Chronescher


Chronescher is a challenging isometric puzzle game. Set in an escherpunk world consisting of six unique biomes. It requires you to learn time-, space- and mindbending mechanics in order to puzzle your way forward. As you progress further you will untangle who you are playing and what happend to them.

Master Time and Space: Learn to place portals and return to them at a whim. Place a timeanchor in order to take a snapshot of the level and restore the saved state at a later point - without moving yourself. Change your perspective in order to unveil new paths and hidden passages. The most difficult puzzles will require you to combine all these abilities and reach places that seem almost impossible to get to.


Chronescher is the first commercial game by Purple Sloth Studio. It is partially inspired by “Dungeon Break” and uses impossible level geometry like the surprise hit “What’s Your Gender?”, both previous games by the studio.


  • more than 50 puzzles in 6 biomes
  • master the abilities to control perspective, teleport your character and reset the level to a previous state
  • solve optional challenges in order to unlock an alternate ending
  • a story told in 10 hand painted panels


Logo & Title

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  • Map view, showing which levels have been solved
  • Level in the overgrowth biome
  • Another level in the overgrowth biome
  • Level in the docks biome
  • Another level in the docks biome
  • Level in the nightsky biome, including a pushable block
  • Another level in the nightsky biome, including a pushable block
  • Level in the uptown biome
  • Another level in the uptown biome
  • Level in the tutorial biome
  • Level in the timber biome
  • Halloween Event announcement
  • Level in the halloween biome
  • Another level in the halloween biome
  • Another level in the halloween biome

About Purple Sloth

Purple Sloth Studio is a collective Indie Game Studio, formed in Berlin in early 2018, with the expressed purpose of creating video games (and related media) with a political subtext in a safe and supportive environment. We aim to bring people together in the development process and form a structure that is able to release games commercially as well as non-commercially. You can find out more about us here.