• Anri Hennies he/him

    Loves UI Design, 2D Art & cute characters.

    Anri enjoys well-written stories of any kind, and is particularly fascinated by urban settings, relations & communication between people, the present & the future. And vibrant colors.

    Part of Resorts: UI/UX, Graphic Art (2D)
  • ente they/them

    Part of the art team. Most of the times the person that’s focused on atmosphere rather than exact storytelling.

    Likes comics, sci-fi, nature, climbing stuff, queer stuff and softness. Doesn’t like discrimination against, oppression of and violence towards people. Cake lover who tries to smuggle a cake into each game (not always with success). Can contain traces of sarcasm and humor.

    Part of Resorts: Graphic Art (2D), Game Design, Narration
  • fuchsi* they/them

    Does mostly programming. In particular loves to do anything complicated: fancy Algorithms and AI, Editor Scripts or hacking around in the depth of Unity. Also enjoys narrative/game design. Always on the lookout for possible political messages in the design.

    Queer-Feminism, Polyamory, Anarchism, Chaos. Occasionally bites off more than they can chew.

    Part of Resorts: Programming, Game Design, Narration
  • ShortKatz she/no

    ShortKatz is intrigued by soundtracks and sound effects in films and video games, and feels they are substantial in creating the mood. Hence, ShortKatz uses Purplesloth as a playground to experiment with sound. Also, enjoys (voice) acting, as well as writing, recording and editing spoken audio for games.

    Important political issues: environment, gender, craziness and comedy.

    Else, ShortKatz is involved in thespian activities, music, climbing, localisation and other fun with languages.

    Part of Resorts: Audio, Narration
  • Lama they/them

    Contributes to the graphics. Loves constructing (weird) puzzles.

    Wants to help liberate all beings from all kinds of oppression. Loves cooking and baking, music and, of course, drawing. Can often be found submersed in a book or another kind of media. Studied Biology before. Loves to learn about everything.

    Part of Resorts: Graphic Art (2D), Game Design
  • Pingu he/him

    Is part of the art team. Enthusiastic about 3D Art. Especially interested in creating atmospheric environements and architecture.

    Likes to try out and learn new approaches and techniques. Enjoys baking cakes, climbing, playing and creating board games. Fond of abstract mathematical problems.

    Part of Resorts: Graphic Art (3D), Graphic Art (2D), Game Design
  • radow they/them

    Does mostly programming and puzzle design, but also enjoys narrative/game design with a passion for environmental storytelling.

    Activist. Queer Politics, Anarchism, Antifascism. Board game enthusiast. When not preoccupied with work, politics, more work or the mental overload caused by the first three, likes to hang around on rooftops, read, cook & do nonsensical stuff.

    Part of Resorts: Programming, Game Design, Narration, UI/UX
  • rakun she/they

    Rakun is part of the Art Team and responsible for 2D, 3D and Concept Art. She loves graphic novels, sketching, painting and graffiti.

    Besides the work for Purple Sloth, Rakun engages in feminist politics, gives talks and trainings about digital violence, always has some art and design projects and from time to time likes djing in the Berlin rave scene.

    Part of Resorts: 2D + 3D Graphic Art